Activity levels


Mostly flat terrain with a few small hills, all very manageable for people trying their first biking trip.You don’t mind hopping in the support van when you have ridden enough.

AVERAGE DAILY DISTANCE: 30 - 50 km (20 - 30 miles)

Sparkling pedaling

Active bicycle ride in a gently rolling countryside, with occasional longer climbs to points that are well worth the effort and few breaks in between.

AVERAGE DAILY DISTANCE: 40 - 60 km (25 - 35 miles)


Great days in consistently rolling countryside, with hills, mountains and everything in between.You will have the opportunities to push yourself on long, challenging climbs and fast descents surrounded by a beautiful landscape.

AVERAGE DAILY DISTANCE: 50 - 65 km (30 - 40 miles) with longer options

Advanced cyclist

These tours are designed for avid cyclists who covent long mileage with lots of hills and mountains, looking for epic climb on very famous alpine itineraries and mountainous landscapes.

AVERAGE DAILY DISTANCE: 60 - 80 km (40 - 50 miles) several 100km (60miles) options during the tour

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